Eastwood Marblebathtub, founded in Xiamen, China in 2005, has been insisting on innovation and keeping pace with the times for decades, making Eastwood's products sell well in the world. As a leading manufacturer of natural stone bathtub, our endless pursuit of quality and the ultimate "craftsman spirit" are the guarantee of high quality. All Eastwood bathroom series products have gone through a long process of drawing conception and design, 3D modeling, casting and molding, and then manual grinding and polishing by craftsmen,. Exquisite design leads the trend. Noble quality shows personality taste. Marblebathtub's products include: natural stone bathtub, hammam bath, drainage, bathroom sinks, bathroom accessories, etc.

After a tiring day, there is nothing warmer and more cozy than a comfortable hot bath at home. Every night, give yourself a half-hour vacation. At this moment, you can relax, enjoy, listen to music and be intoxicated. What we need most is a comfortable bathtub, which can remove the fatigue of the whole day--- store a pool of warm water, and sink ourselves into the bathtub, so that the fatigue of every inch of skin can be slowly released and relieved with the infiltration of warm water.

Bathtubs are made of various materials, and people prefer stone. Compared with bathtubs made of ceramics and other materials, stone bathtubs have unique taste and extraordinary charm. Stone has good thermal insulation performance. It also has vitality and is favored for its classical flavor and historical texture. It condenses the aura of heaven and earth, gathers the essence of the sun and the moon, and impregnates all things. Stone is a symbol of eternity, constancy and unyielding. Idioms such as "longevity with gold and stone", "the sea withers and the stone crumbles" are still often quoted today. Stone bathtub can soak until the end of time.

Eastwood Marblebathtub offers stone bathtubs of different materials and shapes, including polished marble bathtubs, hand hammered granite bathtubs, matt limestone bathtubs and natural travertine and onyx bathtubs.

How to dig a big hole from a large stone to make a perfect bathtub? Eastwood Marblebathtub's products have gone through a long process of drawing conception and design, 3D modeling, casting and molding, and then manual grinding and polishing by craftsmen. They try their best to improve every product detail. The texture selection and design of stone are rich in life connotation, and the shape is round and beautiful. It is like the natural flowing downstream, as exquisite and magical as a waterfall, and as bathing in nature. This ensures that each piece is exquisitely carved and of extraordinary quality. As stone is a natural mineral, it is impossible to guarantee that every piece has similar texture and spots. It is precisely because of this feature that each bathtub exudes its own unique temperament and charm, and your bathroom space is different.

Bathtub, the way many people have long dreamed of taking a bath, what is more comfortable than a released hot bath every day? On the way to struggle, you need not only a positive and relaxed attitude, but also physical and mental comfort.  As long as your bathroom is big enough, everyone wants to have a bathtub that can stretch their whole body. Stone bathtub not only emphasizes functionality and aesthetic design, but also combines ergonomics research. The most comfortable place is in the stone bathtub. Meanwhile, the taste and grade of bathroom are greatly improved because of the stone, and the combination of bathtub and stone makes bathers intoxicated. Pursue perfection and quality. Marble bathtub, you deserve to own. In particular, we also provide professional customized services to meet your exclusive needs. Contact Eastwood Marblebathtub now!


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